Years of research and working in this field has taught us that that to experience true success, three things need to be satisfied in work and life:

M - Meaning: making time for the people and things that matter in life; feeling a sense of purpose and contributing to something bigger than yourself

A - Achievement: the sense of accomplishment; being productive and working towards goals

P - Positive emotions: the experience of happiness, enjoyment and excitement

We've discovered that it is important to aim for a balanced MAP because all three of these components need to be satisfied in order to experience fulfilment.

We believe that you should aim to have it all, and with our MAP and conscious effort, you can.

Our approach to True Success is made available to clients through our keynote talk and forthcoming app.

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MAP Meaning Achievement Positive Emotion circles


In this inspiring talk, based on our 'MAP' philosophy, you’ll explore what we have discovered through years of research - that there are three drivers for people to be truly successful, where achievements are sustainable and life is enjoyable and fulfilling. You’ll discover the psychology and science behind this methodology and how you can benefit through achieving balanced, true success.

This practical and inspirational talk will give you a template to create your own amazing successes. It will motivate you to apply our philosophy in your own life to achieve your own goals, enjoy the process and feel fulfilment.

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In 2016 we will be launching an app that will enable people to monitor their levels of success day-to-day and provide analysis on this means, along with resources to achieve more.

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