Introducing Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide is released today

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Today sees the release of Introducing Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide (published by Icon Books) in bookstores across the UK, with further release dates worldwide to follow. Details on our book are provided below.

UK £6.99
UK Publication August 2011
ISBN 9781848312593
Pages 192



An INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE to getting what you want in life.

What is it about entrepreneurs, industry-leaders, medal-winning athletes or in-demand freelancers that makes them successful over a long period of time? What secrets about how their brains work could the rest of us benefit from knowing to improve our careers, wherever we may work?

Introducing Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide explores both how successful people think, and how the organizations in which they work foster a culture of success, in this easy-to-read and jargon-free guide.

With numerous real-life case studies, practical strategies to implement and easy-to-remember points to remember and work towards, this book could be your first step on the road to a more successful life.

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