Alison Price and David Price are co-founders of The Success Agents.

The Success Agents is a research and consulting firm that works with individuals, blue-chip businesses and prestigious organizations. We aim to inspire our clients, educating them about the mindset and behaviors that underpin personal and business success, great leadership and satisfaction with work and life. We support our clients to enjoy the journey of achieving milestones linked to meaningful goals, whether they’re leading a team of thousands, starting their own business or preparing to become the next CEO.

Alison is a Chartered Psychologist and an Occupational Psychologist. As well as being an inspirational keynote speaker, Alison lectures at Kingston University London and comments within the media on psychology. She was a semi-finalist in the competition ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’.

David has spent two decades studying personal achievement and success. He holds qualifications in a wide range of disciplines, including positive psychology, sports psychology, peak performance coaching and neurolinguistic programming.



Thousands of people have worked with us or read our books. We love to hear how our clients have been able to make breakthroughs through working with us, or hear that readers of our books have been so inspired by them that they want to share have ordered twelve more copies for their friends and families. We also love it when we hear stories of how embracing our philosophy has changed people’s lives.

Now that you have in your hand the power of our programmes and products, we’d love to hear how it benefits you, so do share your stories with us.